Revised Parkes Spec Design

This design is an revision to the ParkesSpec Stokes design. This design was proved to be working with the two servers Tofu and Cicada2 using the U.C Berkely Ibob board for input.

Glen Langston and Shilpa Bollineni revised the parspec design that obtained data from the NRAO 43m Telescope and record data in the pulsar spectrometer mode. Also we would thank Paul Demorest, Scott Ransom, John Ford, Randy McCullogh and Jason Ray who made many valuable contributions to the system setup and advice on networking.

This page documents the Version 2.0 of the parspec design, and includes a description of the Matlab/Simulink design changes, system requirements and data acquisition process. We also provide a couple of figures showing the data obtained.


The blocks in orange color are the newly added blocks. The earlier version 1.0 of this design has the data going to the 10GbE directly which was changed such that the design now has a 1 clock pause between writing out data to the 10 GbE. Also few Xilinx blocks were added before the 10GbE port to have a 1 clock pause. The FFT_SHIFT software register is added to the design to have a control on the intensity of the signal. This design now has a block which checks if the data is in range and the assigned LED will glow.


There are certain parameters like the attenuation or the frequency range of the signal which helps you get good data.

  • The attenuation added to the input signal I is 11 dB and to the input signal Q is 17 dB.
  • The frequency range of 768 to 1024 MHz is selected for the observations using filters at the input of the IBOB.

Data Acquisition

To view a step by step data acquisition process using this design, follow the link below:

We worked with the server Cicada2 and the executable file for the gui we used is
  • /export/home/cicada2/scratch/glangsto/gui8-768.

In gui8-768 the "8" indicates the gui is communicating with IBOB and the 768 indicates that the frequency range 768 to 1024 MHz is selected for the observations. The gui must be modified slightly for each frequency range chosen.

The data is acquired into the directory: /export/home/cicada2/scratch/glangsto.

Left : Parspec GUI and Right: Data Monitor Plot
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