How to Record Data using ROACH Ultimate Pulsar Processing Instrument

Below listed are the instructions to record data using RUPPI with teh spectrometr deisgn loaded. All commands presented here should be run on the tofu command line from your own account.

1. Check for Data Flow

First, follow the steps listed in the RUPPIUser'sGuide to make sure the ROACH is initialized properly, signal input levels are correct, and data is being sent over the network and received on tofu. You should also look at RUPPIUser'sGuide if you want to tweak the observing bandwidth of RUPPI or the sampling rate of the data that RUPPI sends to tofu. If you do not see packets flowing, stop now and figure out why! Continuing with the instructions on this page will be pointless. If that all worked well, though, quit the test_net_thread job by doing a 'ctrl-C'.

If you previously opened a monitor program (i.e. guppi_monitor), exit it now before continuing.

2. Set up environment

Open an xterm and source wuppi.csh or wuppi.bash as appropriate for your login shell:

[user@tofu ~]$ source /opt/64bit/wuppi/wuppi.csh

3. Set RUPPI Status Parameters

Set up the RUPPI status buffer. we have a program namely RuppiSetup that initialize and sets the ruppi parmeters and updates the 43m status in RUPPI shared memory. It will also run the udp_recv command to check for the data packets flowing and generate a spectra of the data. The command used for that is

[user@tofu ~]$ RuppiSetup

This program is used to set all the parameters required for the RUPPI system. This program calls for the script RuppiInit which will set the parameters. This program is located at:


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