Green Bank Ultimate Pulsar Processing Instrument ( GUPPI)


NRAO is exploring the development of new backends using reconfigurable off-the-shelf hardware platforms and software tools that allow rapid design, verification, and deployment of astronomical signal processing systems, The first applications area to be explored is developing FPGA based hardware and software for Pulsar observations using the GBT and 43m. This project is a collaboration between NRAO, U.C. Berkeley, the University of Cincinnati, West Virginia University, Xilinx, Inc, and others.

The GUPPI project was originally defined loosely by the specification given here

A good overview of what GUPPI is and what it can currently (and hopefully will soon) do is in this poster.

Project Goals

The goals of the this project are to develop the new common user pulsar machine in a timely fashion, at minimum cost, while supporting collaborative efforts within the University community.

Project Personnel

  • Project Manager: JohnFord
  • Project Scientist: ScottRansom
  • Project Team: Patrick Brandt, Walter Brisken, Paul Demorest, Ron DuPlain, Glen Langston, Randy McCullough, Jason Ray, Brandon Rumberg, Duncan Lorimer, Maura McLaughlin, Mitch Mickaliger

Project Documents

Archival documents (things to be kept forever, such as final designs, reports, papers, etc) should be written as Project Notes in the Cicada Notes series. The notes included here in this section are more transient and are for collaboration as necessary. Final versions should be archived as a project note, or other permanent record. Where possible, documents should be in a non-proprietary format, such as Latex, Open Document Format (OpenOffice supports this), or at least saved into a PDF. It is acceptable to use whatever tools one wants to use to create documents, but it would be nice to use open tools where possible.

Status Reports

GUPPI User's Guides

CICADA Notes Series

Anyone may contribute to the CICADA notes, which are an archived, un-refereed collection of detailed descriptions of development and test plans, software and hardware designs, as well as random notes that people who wrote them thought were interesting.

-- JohnFord - 14 Jun 2007
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