GUPPI User Interface Requirements and Design


The user interface for the GUPPI are supplied for several customers:
  • Pulsar observers
  • Telescope Operators
  • Engineers and instrument scientists
The feature set needed for these customers is different, but it is possible to define an overall system that will satisfy all users. Note that this interface is a specification for the lightweight interface to be used with the engineering/commissioning phase. Integration with config tool and astrid will take place later in the project. Still, this interface should be used to prototype what the user would see in the Astrid backend tab for the GUPPI.

Specific Requirements

The interface must expose all settable and readable parameters in the instrument. These parameters will eventually correspond to Manager parameters and Monitor values, as well as Messages to be produced for various error and warning conditions. See this list for the details of the parameters specific to this device. See also the CCB lightweight user interface for a good example.


Implementation Requirements

The user interface must be useable from any workstation that will run Astrid. This is so that the user can use the interface while using astrid to control the rest of the observations. In effect, this requirement mandates a VNC compatible X Window interface. The interface can use any language or techniques the designers require, as long as they are currently in use in Green Bank for other uses. Some examples are Python, C, C++, Perl, or even FORTRAN, if you feel froggish, as there are some FORTRAN programmers still alive and well at Green Bank.

The instrument control code is to be encapsulated such that the user interface itself is concerned only in exposing instrument details and calls to the user (and not concerned with how to manipulate the instrument). This allows the user interface to be a command-line interface at first for expert users, and a RPC connection (for example) later to allow for more general use.



See GUPPIControllerDesign for a view of the architecture beyond the user interface.

Detailed Design

Screen Shots

Code and Documentation

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