GUPPI Data Capture Requirements and Design


The Data Capture subsystem for the GUPPI has several improtant functions:
  • Collect the science data
  • Collect quick-look data for monitoring and calibration
  • Control the data-taking process.

Specific Requirements

The data capture subsystem must be capable of managing the data flowing from the 10 Gb Ethernet interface at 100 MB/second. The functions of the data capture are to:
  • Read the interface
  • Generate display data for the quick-look buffers at a specified rate
    • The raw spectra from the *
  • Put/send the data to the archiving task if the data taking system has been triggered.


Implementation Requirements

The user interface must be useable from any workstation that will run Astrid. This is so that the user can use the interface while using astrid to control the rest of the observations. In effect, this requirement mandates a VNC compatible X Window interface. The interface can use any language or techniques the designers require, as long as they are currently in use in Green Bank for other uses. Some examples are Python, C, C++, Perl, or even FORTRAN, if you feel froggish, as there are some FORTRAN programmers still alive and well at Green Bank.



Detailed Design

Screen Shots

Code and Documentation

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