Pulsar Machine Status and Meeting Agenda

Need a name for machine/system.

  • Suggestions at the bottom of this mail. Keep in mind this will likely be a family of instruments.

Project Status

  • John
    1. iBOB and iADC functional and hooked up to 43m telescope
    2. BEE2 seems functional, but we have not built our own personalities for it yet.
    3. All computer and network hardware is ordered and expected by the end of September. Development system arrived today.
    4. 2nd Mathworks software ordered
    5. 2nd Xilinx software in hand
    6. Project specs approved by majority of project people.

  • Randy and Jason?

  • Scott/Paul/Walter/Glen?


Known problems:

  • mkbof fails to open temp files for anyone except John. Go figure.

Project Plans for discussion

  • Randy & Jason
    • Define control parameters for machine interface
    • Get up to speed on hardware and software by working to get dual XAUI links between iBOB and BEE2 working.
  • Brandon
    • Work on getting the pocket spectrometer design working properly
    • Split design into digitizer parts and processing parts
  • Patrick
    • Work on control and data collection software/firmware.
  • Ron
    • Work with Walter, Paul, and Patrick and design a scheme to control the machine using borph to set/get registers, invoke FPGA personalities, etc.
  • Paul
    • GPU work and codedisp specifications/experiments
  • Glen

  • Others?

Name suggestions

System Name suggestions:
Walter wrote:

GUST : GBT Ultimate Searcher and Timer  (Add an O at the end and it meshes
well with presto!)

John Wrote:
How about GUTS instead?  :)

Glen Wrote:

But since this will also be used on the 43m and hopefully
eventually other telescopes, maybe it should stand for

Green Bank Ultimate Search and Timing Outfit

(The O is the hard part to fit, ie Organ, Outfit,
Organization, Organism, Observatory, Orgasum...)

Walter Wrote:
NAPSTER : NRAO Advanced Pulsar Searching and Timing Equipment Rack

John Wrote:
How about GBT Ultimate Pulsar Processing instrument  (GUPPi)

Dunno who wrote:
Bee2 Pulsar Processors" ==> B2P2 ==> which is pronouced "Beeps"?

Richard P. wrote:

"locust" which is a CICADA, and which is not an acronym.

-- JohnFord - 26 Sep 2007
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