Pulsar Machine Status and Meeting Agenda

  • Meeting participants:
    • Randy McCullough, Jason Ray, Glen Langston, Amy Shelton, Rich Lacasse, Paul Demorest, Ron DuPlain, Duncan Lorimer, Brandon Rumberg, Patrick Brandt, Mitch Mickaliger

Project Status Reports

  • Randy/Jason
    1. Tested BEE2 and iBOB XAUI links
    2. Working on ADC to XAUI streaming to BEE2
    3. Hooked up Xilinx programming pod to blinkin
  • John
    1. Finished installing and licensing XILINX IP Modules
    2. Fixed mkbof to work on our systems for all users
  • Glen
    1. Exploring Pocket Spectrometer parameters. Found that a 1K PFB/FFT fits, but not a 2K.
    2. Puzzling over how the vector accumulator and the sync signal interact.
  • Ron
    1. Planning to do a sample design next week on the BEE2 experimenting with BORPH.

Known problems/discussion of issues

  • Proposed Swinburne cluster

Project Plans for discussion

-- JohnFord - 17 Oct 2007
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