Pulsar Machine Status and Meeting Agenda

  • Meeting participants:
    • John Ford, Scott Ransom, Paul Demorest, Ron DuPlain, Duncan Lorimer, Mitch Mickaliger

Project Status

  • Scott, Paul, and Ron
    • Met today to discuss GUPPI software requirements for control and data acquisition. Working to enhance current software design docs.
      • Data Acquisition Module (DAM) that will run on a beefy workstation (named "beef").
      • Control Module (CTRL) that will connect to all the hardware and provide the interface to the outside world
      • John will provide a linkable library with unit tests to set and get any parameters in the iBOB's.
      • BEE2 software interface is through the BORPH proc file system and through running borph files on the FPGA's themselves.

  • John * Nothing much to report
  • Duncan
    • WVU is setting up machines with software. John recommends running update software after install to ensure function and stability. Make sure all softwqare matches that specified on the CASPER website, down to the service pack number.

Known problems

Project Plans for discussion

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