Pulsar Machine Status and Meeting Agenda

  • Meeting participants:
    • Randy McCullough, Glen Langston, Amy Shelton, Rich Lacasse, Paul Demorest, Ron DuPlain, Duncan Lorimer, Brandon Rumberg, Patrick Brandt

Project Status

Results of GUPPI Workshop

As far as priorities, it was decided that we would build a 4096 channel, 2 polarization, 4 bit output 50 microsecond accumulation time machine. Once this base machine is in production, (We are aiming for January) we will work on extending it to more bits, fewer channels, and full stokes parameters. Specifically:
  • Hardware
    • Randy, Jason, and Glen will work on transferring samples synchronously between the FPGAs.
    • John will maintain the development systems as needed.
    • We will document blocks that need designed and farm out this work to the WVU students to work on.
    • We will consult with other CASPER users to find blocks that we can use. We will contribute our blocks developed to the Casper community.

  • Software
    • Ron Duplain will work on building the interface to the system. THis will include a lightweight client for first light and debugging, and will support full GBT M&C integration when that comes along. A model based on our Caltech Backend collaboration will be used. Ron will deliver a working system by January that will allow first light commissioning and science observations.
    • Patrick Brandt, John Ford and Glen Langston will write the software for the FPGA communications. This will include a simulator for each of the FPGA communications channels to be used.
    • Scott Ransom, Paul Demorest, Walter Brisken, and Ron Duplain will build the software to run on the data collection machine.
  • Consultations
    • Rick Fisher, Rich Lacasse, Joe Brandt, Amy Shelton, Casper people, Glenn Jones, GB System Administrators, and the WVU Pulsar group will be used as consultants to help with problems that we encounter along the way, and for reviews of the program.

Known problems

Project Plans for discussion

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