GUPPI Design Workshop


A 2 day workshop to get the entire development team together for uninterrupted concerted effort.


At the end of the meeting, I would like to come away with the following:

  1. An end to end detailed hardware/gateware/firmware design at the block diagram level for the spigot replacement modes.
  2. A detailed software requirement document to match the above.
  3. A conceptual design for some possible approaches to the Coherent Dedispersion backend.
  4. A list of items to be delivered for each of the three phases of the project, along with an estimate of people and money resources needed, and the calendar time needed to produce them. Obviously only Phase 1 could be estimated with any degree of certainty.
  5. An estimate by the team members of the amount of time they can spend on the project based on their workload.
  6. A list of possible collaborators to contact.

Plan/Schedule for the Workshop

Here's a draft plan for the meeting. All should feel free to comment and add to it.

October 29th, begin 10:00 A.M.

  1. Introduction -- 10 minutes
  2. Project News from working groups -- 1 hour
    • Glenn Jones - Caltech
    • Peter McMahon - Berkeley/MeerKat
    • Glen Langston - NRAO Green Bank
  3. Specification Review and development
    • Nail down any real or perceived loopholes in the specifications. (1 hour)

Lunchtime. 12:30 to 1:30

Afternoon Session, 1:30 to 5:30

  1. Hardware Block Diagram Development
    • Flesh out the functional block diagrams on the white board. Include all/most minor details such as timing and synchronization, data flow in different modes, etc. Determine the number of discrete personalities required, and parameters to be set. Figure out which CASPER blocks should be used, and what custom blocks should be designed.
  2. Software Specification Development (Overlaps with hardware session)
    • Take the work from the previous session and map software requirements on it. (2 hours)
  3. Dinner in cafeteria, 5:30 to 6:30

Evening session 7:30 to ??? Residence hall Lounge Refreshments served!

  1. GUPPI Phase II approaches
    1. Clusters -- Build, buy, or beg?
    2. GPU's -- What seems feasible, what's not
    3. FPGA DSP -- Where to begin?
  2. Experiments and development for those uninterested in Phase II discussions -- OVLBI Control Room

October 30th -- 9:00 to 12:30

  1. Continuation of the previous day's software discussions
  2. Software black box block diagram Development
    • Take the specifications and design a conceptual system from front to back

1:30 to 5:00

  1. Continue Black Box block diagram development
  2. Meet with M. Clark and M. Mello for CCB discussioons
  3. Assignments and Priorities
  4. Decide who needs to do what when.
  5. Wrap-up
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