Prologix GPIB Ethernet Adapter

This topic details how to configure the Prologix GPIB Ethernet controller.

Configure IP Address

The IP address of the adapter can be configured using the Netfinder utility from the Prologix website. By default the adapters have no IP address and are configured for DHCP. The Netfinder utility shows the adapter's MAC address, which is also printed on the bottom of the adapter next to a bar code.

Configure Adapter

The adapter has a number of options which are detailed in the product manual (which can be found here under "Documents"). The options can be set by using telnet [IP] 1234 where [IP] is the IP address of the adapter (1234 is the port number). The relevant options that were set for GUPPI and PUPPI are the following:
  • ++addr XX - XX is the address of the synthesizer. This can be found (and changed) in the on-screen menus of the synthesizer.
  • ++auto 0 - Turns off the automatic read-after-write feature. This turned out to be problematic for GUPPI, since not all commands require a read afterward.
  • ++eoi 1 - Should be the default, causes the EOI character to be asserted for each transmission.
  • ++eos 2 - Sets the EOI character to be a single LF ('\n' or ASCII 10). The default is CR + LF, '\r\n'.
  • ++eot_enable 0 - Should be the default, prevents additional user-specified characters from being appended after the EOI.
  • ++mode 1 - Causes the adapter to act as the GPIB master.
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