CASPER Workshop - Aug 2012

To-do list to have the hardware in place prior to the workshop

08/01/12 -- Status updates embedded below in red (JMR)


  • Move vegas hardware (both racks) to the tape room
    • Change out 30A plugs on vegas racks to 20A for connecting in the tape room
    • Connect the network
      • DONEIdentify network connection
        • Standard network connection in the rack
    • Connect 1PPS
      • Run a cable from the 1PPS dist at the VLBI racks to the vegas 1PPS dist input
    • Valon 10MHz reference connection
      • Either change settings to use internal ref and 800 MHz
      • or.. run a cable over from the 10MHz dist at the VLBI racks

  • Borrow Lab Spectrometer roach
    • Change Valon to use internal ref and 800MHz
    • Mate it up with a companion computer (castor?)
      • Connect 10GbE cable

  • DONENRAO's Spare roach (vegas-r9)
    • is on the bench in the digital lab
      • Boots from the regular site network
      • Its Valon is set to int ref and 800MHz

  • Loaner roaches
    • Add ADCs to them
    • Add Valons to them
      • There are four valon boxes (int ref, 800MHz) on the bench in the digital lab
    • Setup the roaches to boot in our system
    • Mate up the roaches with their companion computer
      • Connect 10GbE cable
    • Connect network to them
    • Connect 1PPS to them
      • DONEThere's a 1PPS cable ran under the floor, from the tape room.
        • Spare vegas 1PPS dist is in on top of the desk where echo used to live
    • Setup these combos on tables/desks in the OVLBI room

  • ROACH II's
    • Add Valons?
    • Mate up with their companion computer(s)

  • Computers
    • Identify computers to mate up with loaner roaches and the lab spec roach.

  • MISC
    • DONENetwork switch for laptops & "table" roaches
      • The vegas spare 24-port Netgear switch is on my bench
    • Input signals for testing
      • Is having a synthesizer or two floating around sufficient?
    • DONEGather up 10GbE cables
      • Have 10 from Berkeley + 10 of ours
      • The Berkeley cables have "UCB" labels on the connectors
    • DONEGather up twisted pair network cables
      • Quite a few in the box on my bench
    • DONEGather up SMA cables for IF inputs
      • Quite a few in the box on my bench
    • DONEGather up long-ish BNC cables for 1PPS to roaches on the tables
      • Quite a few in the cabinet in the digital lab
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