VEGAS / DIBAS Weekly Review Meeting - 2013 August 07


Lory Wingate, Mike Shannon, Karen O'Neil, Richard Prestage, Paul Demorest

DIBAS Status

The IF modules should be completed this week; this is the last hardware item to be completed. The proposed schedule from here is:

  • Aug 12/13: soak test DIBAS hardware
  • Aug 14: RFI testing
  • Aug 15: Prep for shipping
  • Aug 16: ship

Marty is working on the compliance matrix, a draft should be ready by next week.

A list of items which are still to be completed is available at:

We discussed the status of Astronomical FITS files at some length. SHAO have asked for information about GBT FITS files, and the "filler" program, but these are not part of the contract. The DIBAS M&C software will be sufficient to control the instrument, and the Spectrometer Engineering FITS files may be inspected using simple python scripts.

VEGAS Status

Richard reviewed the compliance matrix / test plan schedule. Paul noted that "test VEGAS Hardware with SHAO M&C software" needs to be added as a test. The goal of Tier One testing is to exercise all of the FPGA firmware in the most demanding configurations. This will be achieved by testing 9 of the 29 total modes. All of the modes will be shipped with DIBAS, they just won't all have been tested with GBT obervations; again this was not part of the contract.

Mode 1 has been tested in both engineering and astronomical modes, but a test report has yet to be written up. Richard will test mode 2 and 3 this week; we are currently approximately one week behind schedule in engineering testing.

Richard will have a draft test report ready for the meeting next week.

-- RichardPrestage - 2013-08-07
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