Tests for Dec 2012


  • System to conduct pulsar observations
  • Complete system test
    • ROACH-II
    • HPC low and high bandwidths
    • Writing into networked disks
    • Using switching signals
    • Modes 1 and 13, at least.
    • Control with GBT M&C system

To-do list to accomplish these objectives

Hardware (Assigned to Jason with Galen responsible for the IF items)

  • Stuff for Berkeley to borrow or buy:
    • DONE5 SFP+ NIC cards, same as in final system
    • DONEROACH-2 and SFP+ boards
      • Untested boards availabe ~12/10 - members of the Berkeley team are positioned to help test.
  • Shielded rack
    • DONE Install UPS and filters in rack
    • DONEObtain ROACH2 boards
    • DONEObtain ADC boards
    • DONEObtain SFP+ mezzanine boards
      • will be added to R2 boards when shipped
    • DONEInstall and configure Roach-II chassis
      • received last pieces from shop on 12/5
    • DONEInstall switching signal dist chassis into shielded rack
      • DONEModify switching signal circuitry for use with Roach-II (due 12/5)
    • DONEInstall and configure network switch and fiber uplink
    • DONEInstall all optical SFP+ links to 10 gbe switch
      • DONEPurchase qty 20 10GBase SFP+ transceiver modules
      • DONEPurchase qty 12 LC to LC fiber jumpers

  • Unshielded equipment
    • DONEInstall 10 gbe network switch
    • DONEInstall and configure 7 HPC computers
      • Reuse Test #1 (Mar) machines plus two newer ones
      • Six req. but seven will be configured
    • DONEConfigure 10 gbe ports to network switches
    • DONEInstall SFP+ NIC cards in HPCs
      • DONENorth
      • DONESouth
      • DONEEast
      • DONEWest
      • DONEChicken
      • DONEvegas-hpc10
      • DONEvegas-hpc11

  • IF system
    • DONE installed as of 12/07/12 - Install all IF input modules
      • One (two modules) can be moved now
    • DONE Install IF module power supply chassis
    • DONECable inputs from GBT IF to top of rack
    • DONEInstall 10 MHz, 1 PPS signals

  • Documentation
    • Generate block diagram drawing
    • Generate rack layout drawing
    • DONEDocument modifications to switching signal dist chassis


  • Test 12.4 M&C system prior to pulsar observations.
  • Test manager for ROACH2 compatibility:
    • DONEFix data taking problem with ROACH1. Manager cannot get data with lates vegas_devel, this is not necessarily a ROACH1 problem.
    • When the above problem is solved, test to ensure it stays solved with ROACH2. (Need a .bof file for ROACH2.)
    • Test, and possibly fix, for problems with I2C interface on ROACH2
      • Need to know default settings for IF filters
    • Test KATCP interface for compatibility
    • (optional) modify serial port interface for synthesizer. Not really needed for Dec 17 tests, so low priority.

Firmware (DSP designs from Berkeley)

  • Final testing of SFP+ with BOF files and R2 in GB
  • Mode #13 will be tested if time exists
    • After Mode #1 switching has been tested
    • Working on packet sending issue (R2)
    • will ask for test time for Mode 13
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