Tests for March 2012


  • System to conduct pulsar observations
  • Test data delivery into the NRAO servers
  • Test switching signals with Mode #1

To-do list to accomplish these objectives

Hardware (Assigned to Jason with Galen responsible for the IF items)

Rack layout drawing here: March 2012 Test Rack Layout

Rack block diagram sheet 1 of 3 here: March 2012 Test Rack Block Diagram SH1

Rack block diagram sheet 2 of 3 here: March 2012 Test Rack Block Diagram SH2

Rack block diagram sheet 3 of 3 here: March 2012 Test Rack Block Diagram SH3

03/14/12 -- Status updates embedded below in red (JMR)
  • DONE Configure our other 2 roaches so that they boot up like roach1 and roach3 does
  • DONE Re-name the roaches to vegas-r1 through vegas-r8
  • DONE Configure the Cal Tech roaches so that they boot up in our system.
  • DONE Setup static IPs for all 8 roaches.
  • DONE Build & test Valon RFI boxes
  • DONE Add Valons to each roach
    • DONE We'll need to round up/buy six more power dividers to split the clk between the two ADC's per roach
    • DONE Number of machines to use and their serial connections
      • DONE North, South, East, West, Cicada2, Quail, 43m-ctl, Trigger
      • DONE Each machine will have a serial port.
    • DONE If we have a Valon in each roach, we need to figure out where to connect them serially. And, buy more serial cables.
  • DONE Mount the roaches in the rack
  • DONE Might need to reconfigure the current rack layout so that eight roaches and IF modules actually fit..?
  • DONE Build up cabling between the ADC's, Valons, etc. Galen is working on the IF-to-ADC part of this.
  • DONE Build up six more BNC cables for 1PPS to each roach
  • DONE Build up six more flat cables for switching signals to the other roaches
  • DONE Round up additional 10GbE cables (I think Dan volunteered to bring these)
  • DONE Cabling for the I2C connections from each roach.
    • DONE Part of each IF module power supply harness.
  • DONE Install splitter for 10MHz dist to each roach (Galen already gave me the splitter)
  • DONE Round up additional twisted pair cables for the roaches 100Mb network
  • DONE Add more capacity to the private network section
  • DONE Upgrade motherboards in north, south, east, west.
  • DONE Build up rack of eight computers and the UPS.
  • DONE AC power connection in the equipment room for computer rack and roach/IF rack.
    • DONE Two 3-phase 30A outlets under the floor in the correct area
      • DONE Get works area to re-wire for single phase 120V
    • DONE Build up one ganged outlet box with 30A twist lock plug for the roach/IF rack.
    • DONE Obtain/build two floor tiles with holes in them
  • UC-B will bring to the test -
    • DONE ADC Boards
    • DONE 10 GbE cables

Software (Refer to project meeting notes)

Firmware (DSP designs from Berkeley)

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Pulsar observations for the GC, March 2012

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