AGBT14B_431 - tests of Dana's scripts


  • Test Dana's 3Helium scripts


  • start at 6:30pm. Antenna is in scan co-ordinator but locked out. Start with X-band.
  • not sure whether to do TCJ TCJ2, etc. Dana has them commented out, so leave them commented out.
  • start with lineConfig = lineH91BankA
  • Balances for just Bank A.
  • OffOn iteration 1 of 1
  • source : W3 etc
[22:36:24] OffOn: Subscan 1 of 2
[22:36:24] Warning: Failure in database query.  Attempting to reconnect.
[22:36:24] Reconnected to database.

[22:36:24] <type 'exceptions.TypeError'> 'NoneType' object is not subscriptable

[22:36:24] ******** End Scheduling Block
[22:36:24] ******** observer = Richard Prestage, SB name = vegas, project ID = AGBT14B_431

Try again:
  • Scan fails because not all scans are being written to the same directory - Antenna file is wrong. Yet manager parameter seems correct
  • Try a conform parameters - doesn't help
  • Rob does something... Try's turning Antenna Manager off and on again.
  • Dave call's Joe...
  • Can't fix it. Scan nine starts running with no Antenna FITS file - abort this...
  • Finally (7:30pm) Paul / Dave do something right
  • start with lineConfig = lineH91BankA
  • OffOn scan 14 / 15
  • lineConfig = lineH91BankA_H
  • Scan 16. Bank E is off for some reason. Abort. Turn Coordinator off and on. Bank A,B and F come up in "notice" state.
  • MMCM Optimal Phase could not be measured for zdok 1. Setting MMCM Optimal Phase of 32 failed for zdok 1.
  • Turn off and on again. This time bank F only
  • Turn off and on again. All ok this time.
  • lineConfig = lineH91BankA_H
  • Scan 17 / 18 VEGASDM is only showing banks A through D, E through H are blank (i.e. flatline with no Y axis)
  • lineConfig = lineXbandHna
  • Scan 19 - something is wrong - only three banks (A,B,C) appear active in CLEO VEGAS screen - the "state" and "!SubSysSelect" fields.
  • But I don't see any error messages, and configuration clearly asks for all the banks.
  • Try again - same status. VEGAS coordinator subsystemSelect only has A,B,C set
  • Try lineConfig=lineH91BankA_H again - sets them correctly.
  • Try lineConfig = lineXbandHna reverts back to A,B,C with 4,3,1 sub-bands. Maybe config tool is ignoring the "Bank" directives?
  • let this one continue Scans 20/21 - looks like"bank" should be lower case "b"!!! nif = 24 - why??? *
  • All of the above were probably done without "Bank" being set at all!! *
  • copy to /users/rprestag/vegas, copy SB to vegasRMP, edit Bank to bank.
  • Try lineConfig = lineXbandHna
  • Scans 22/23 - now all Subbands = 1, but GBTIDL shows nIF = 64! GO FITS file only has 8 IFNUMs in it...
  • Stop for now...

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