June 11, 2014 Testing


  • See if ghost line is in L1/LBW1 modes


  • TGBT13B_502_66


  • Scan 1: ghost_line_test_mode4. including test tone. Didn't see a ghost, but ghosts would be a very edge of band (tone=1421.405)
  • Scan 2: ghost_line_test_mode4. test tone at 1450.405. No ghost.
  • Scan 3: ghost_line_test_mode4. test tone at 1425.405. No ghost.
  • Scan 4: ghost_line_test_mode10. test tone at 1425.405. Trying same set up as scan 3 with one of the affected modes. Ghost line at multiples of 1/8 the bandwidth.
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