TGBT18B_502_12 - New HBW Inco. BOF Files Astronomical Commissioning


  • Test new 800 MHz and 1500 MHz incoherent dedispersion BOF files. Will use J1713+0747 at L-Band. All scans will be 450 seconds long and will include cal, fold, and search mode data.
  • Note that an fftshift value of 55555557 will be used.


  • Session begins at 03:15.
  • Switched vegas.conf to version with new BOF file names and fftshift value at 03:18.
  • Submitted SB at 03:19
  • First scan starts at 03:27
  • i0800x0064 scan looks OK in VEGAS. Levels could be a bit lower in GUPPI and VEGAS but should be OK
    • Bandpass in guppi_monitor looks OK but pulsar is not detected with GUPPI.
    • GUPPI OBSNCHAN was stuck at 256. Submitted a ResetConfig and trying again
    • Tried a ResetConfig and a GUPPI systems restart but OBSNCHAN kept getting set to 256. This is also the value in DevEx.
  • Resubmitted i0800x0064 scan and continuing even though GUPPI OBSNCHAN is wrong.
    • Levels look OK
    • VEGAS aborted for some reason.
  • Trying again with i0800x0064
    • VEGAS seemed OK
  • Moving on to i0800x0128
    • Levels are a little high in GUPPI. VEGAS could be a little lower, too.
    • Tried manually changing OBSNCHAN in DevEx for GUPPI. But it reset back to 256.
  • I0800x0256 looks OK. Again, levels could be a bit lower, but are acceptable
  • i0800x0512 also looks OK. VEGAS levels could be a bit lower but GUPPI looks good. GUPPI OBSNCHAN is OK now.
  • Operator had to move to snowdump at 04:49. Finished up through i0800x0512 fold mode scan.
    • Sounds like it might be a while. Switched vegas.conf back to release. Rob will call if snow slows down and we can observe again.


  • GUPPI OBSNCHAN doesn't match VEGAS in i0800x0064, i0800x0128
  • Session was cut short by snow. Will need to pick back up with i0800x1024.
-- RyanLynch - 2019-03-08
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