TGBT19A_502_08 - Test of new i0100x8192 and c0800x0064 BOF files


  • Test new i0100x8192 and c0800x0064 BOF files
    • i0800x0100x65k_04t_tmp5_2019_Jun_14_0951.bof
    • c0800x0064_x14_7_24t_095binw_2019_May_20_1100.bof


  • Will observe J1713+0747 for 900 seconds in both search and fold modes, and B1442+101 as a fluxcal for 90 seconds
  • Session begins at 17:00 EDT.
  • Boom extended, new vegas.conf copied into /home/gbt/etc/config with new BOF files
  • First scan is on B1442+101 at 350 MHz with i0100x8192 mode
    • Levels were a low with vegas.scale set to 200. Took more pairs of scans with vegas.scale = 800, 400, 300, and 250 but all were too high. Finally settled on back on vegas.scale = 200. Maybe balance was a bit off last time.
    • Use scans 11/12
  • J1713+0747 is not up (I didn't check the LST I was given, but I guess it wasn't what I asked for). Using J1125+7819 instead.
    • All observations went smoothly
  • Switched to L-Band to test c0800x0064 mode
    • Won't have time for fluxcal scan in this mode


  • All seems to have gone well. Leaving these bof files in place.
-- RyanLynch - 2019-05-15
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