TGBT18B_502_03 - Additional LBW tests


  • Test shared memory parameters
  • Test IF tuning
  • Test tone injection


  • Note: Ryan is at AAS in Seattle and is participating remotely
  • Note: Joe changed IF3 settings to be IF3=350 MHz in 100 MHz BW modes and IF3=300 MHz in 200 MHz BW modes
  • Ray and Joe began switching over at 10:00
  • First SB submitted at 07:40. Mode is i0100x0512, full Stokes
    • All banks seemed to briefly go into activating. Bank A manager seemed to restart and come back in an off state. vegas-hpc1 shared memory was not configured.
    • Ray and Joe did some work and shared memory was configured, but with bogus values for at least OBSBW and OBSNCHAN.
    • Joe says there is an issue with the ADC calibration routine. He and Ray will work on it and Ryan will check back in at 13:00.
  • ADC calibration issue was fixed. Additional scans showed incorrect bandpass and frequency labeling in incoherent modes. Requires more investigation.
  • Coherent mode scans looked better but OBSBW was still not set correctly. Bank A was also writing data when it should have been.
  • Session ended on time and all checkouts looked good after switch to previous version.


  • Need to investigate bandpass issues and OBSBW setting.
-- RyanLynch - 2019-01-09
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