TGBT15A_915_146 - LBW bof file verification


* Verify the LBW BOF that will be used for pulsar modes. This will be done by actually passing it through the spectral line HPC backend.


  • Session begins at 11:00 AM
  • Will first test 100 MHz pulsar BOF (vpm_lbw_0100_2016_Apr_21_1156.bof) by running it in MODE7
  • Submitted CheckMode7 SB at 11:08
    • Scan is number 78
    • Scan ran without issue.
    • GBTIDL say all data are blanked, though the data tables seem to have non-zero values. Must be some issue with the switching signal.
    • Data are nans when opened with astropy.
  • Trying again but with switching set to tp_nocal, so there is only one phase and no blanking
    • Scan is number 79
    • No runtime issues
    • Data are nans again
  • Double checking original spectral line BOF file
    • Scan is number 80
    • No issues with this one
    • FITS state tables seem to be the same
  • Randy and Jason are checking the switching signal control in the new BOF file
    • The spec tick parameter is set to shortest possible resolution. This may be interfering with the daq software interpretation of the switching signals.
  • Took another scan (81) with spectral line BOF to check data display webpage.
  • Trying pulsar BOF but looking at the data display webpage (not sure where it intercepts the data...)
    • Scan is #82
    • Data still blanked in data display
  • Will test the 200 MHz pulsar BOF (vpm_lbw_0200_2016_Apr_21_1328.bof) by running it in MODE6
  • Submitted CheckMode6 SB
    • Scan is #83
    • No runtime issues, but data are still blanked
  • Break for lunch
  • Talked to Joe and Ray. Suggested checking INTEGRAT table. It is, indeed, all zeros. Will therefore set the "normalize_data" flag in vegas.conf to "false" to prevent dividing by INTEGRAT
  • Trying MODE6 again
    • "NORMALZD" keyword is zero in shmem, so it seems like the config file change was accepted
    • Scan is #84
    • No change
  • Will try MODE7 without normalization
    • Scan is #85
    • No change
  • Going to take two scans in each mode with the Archivist recording filtersnaps just in case we can play around with that data
    • Scans are number 86 and 87 (MODE7 and MODE6)
  • Returned vegas.conf to normal. Confirmed that BOF files and normalization flag are being read correctly with the production values.
  • Session ended at 12:53


  • Packet flow and balancing looked good with new BOF files, but for some reason the data is coming out nans. Will need to investigate switching signals and try again.
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