TGBT15A_915_137 - Test wideband configurations


  • Test wideband VPM configurations for C-Band, X-Band, and KFPA for Tim Pennucci's GC magnetar project (AGBT17A _433)


  • Currently at snow dump, but will take advantage of the downtime to test setups. Tsys are going to be high due to weather and because L-Band is in focus.
  • Session starts at 09:55
  • Submitting VPM_C-Band_Test SB at 09:55
    • Scan is #1. Will do a cal and search scan.
    • Aborted because Antenna was in scan coordinator. Removed and resubmitted at 10:03.
    • Second attempt went OK. First cal scan is #2, search scan is #3
  • Took a while to convince myself the windows were set up properly. Eventually did so and took a second pair of scans (#4/#5) at C-Band to test higher vegas.scale at 11:06
    • Scans ran OK, but there is an odd out-of-phase cal signal in all the raw files.
  • Submitted VPM_X-Band_Test SB at 11:10
    • Scans are #6/#7 (cal/search)
    • Scans ran OK, no sign of out-of-phase cal
  • Submitted VPM_KFPA_Test at 11:14
    • Scans are #8/9 (cal/search)
    • Got the following astrid warning:
      [15:17:47] Warning: Configuration complete but inconsistencies were found between the M&C system and the configuration tool. Verify the configuration 
      [15:17:47] ('(manager,   ', 'parameter,  ', 'expected value, ', 'actual value )')
      [15:17:47] ('LO1', 'S10', '2', '1')
    • Other than the above, scans ran OK
  • vegas.scale was low for most scans. Re-running all SBs with higher values.
  • Put all three SBs in queue at 11:24. Will let them run in sequence.
    • Data seem to look OK, except that Bank G has no signal with KFPA. Maybe I'm outside the allowed range. It's very possible I did a calculation wrong.
  • Session ending at 11:43


  • Seem to have found successful set-ups.
-- RyanLynch - 2018-03-21
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