TGBT15A_915_136 - Test Packet Loss in Long Coherent Search-Mode Scans


* During project AGBT18A -261 we noticed that VEGAS was occasionally dropping lots of packets. It seems like GUPPI was also having similar problems so it may have been a broader network issue, but the purpose of this session is to take a long scan and see if it reoccurs. * Also check vegas.scale value for S-Band


  • Session begins at 11:52
  • Submitting CoherentModeTestsSearch _LongScan SB. Will end at 14:00. Using vegas.scale = 825.
  • Ran into some conflicts with other maintenance activities but ended up getting a couple hours of data with now packet loss.


  • Was not able to recreate packet loss seen during 18A-261 session.
-- RyanLynch - 2018-02-20
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