TGBT17B_501_04 - Additional VPM Acceptance Tests


  • Test VEGAS modes using new kernel that Joe installed
  • Test BTL under v18.2


  • Joe installed new kernel before lunch. Ryan took over around 12:45 and did some initial set up.
  • First group of scans will be i0800 using C-Band and multibank set up.
    • Note that work is being on the PF boom so Tsys may be very high
  • Submitted AcceptanceTestsInco800_MultiBank_NoMotion SB at 12:55
    • Astrid seems to have hung during configuration
      • Going to restart turtle
      • Astrid is not connecting. Joe is looking into it.
    • Restarted and took data. No issues
  • Turning things over to Dave MacMahon and Amber to test BTL set up
    • They seem to be happy with BTL configuration


  • Control room got a bit crowded so notes were not as detailed as usual, but no issues to report.
-- RyanLynch - 2018-02-09
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