TGBT15A_915_152 - BOF file tests


* Test the following new BOF files that have a fix for a reflection in the bottom few channels * c1500x4096_x14_7_tbinw1_2018_Jul_13_0936.bof * c0800x2048_x14_7_tbinw_2018_Jul_31_1423.bof * c0800x4096_x14_7_tbinw_2018_Jun_28_1049.bof * i1500x4096_x14_7_tbinw_2018_Aug_02_1200.bof


  • Session begins at 13:15
  • Submitting CoherentModeTestsCal SB in mode c1500x4096 at 13:25
    • Scan ran OK except that I had apparently turned the cal off in the configuration at some point. Running again to double check that it looks OK when it's actually on.
    • Second scan aborted due to faults on Bank A
      • Faults in roach_state, master_slave_sel, scape_p1, scale_p0, nchan, dest_port, dest_ip
      • Tried manually tweaking scale_p0 and scale_p1 in CLEO. Still in fault.
      • Tried to conform params and prepare using CLEO. Still in fault.
      • Can't communicate with ROACH2 using katcp in python. Luke is coming up to investigate.
      • Did a manual progdev using katcp and that worked. Was then able to read back from arm register.
    • Tried to submit a scan again. Above faults cleared but then scan aborted due to HPC program taking too long to be ready. Tried again and got the same abort.
    • Cycling manager off/on and trying again.
      • Got register faults again while activating.
    • Seems like ROACH is alive but not programmed??
    • Another manual progdev worked and cleared the register faults again.
      • Tried an off/on and it faulted again.
    • Luke is going to look into this more.
  • Putting release BOF files back into vegas.conf and restarting VEGAS.
  • Taking verification scans at 14:03
  • Looks OK. Session ends at 14:16


  • Holding off on any further testing until we know what is causing these faults.
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