TGBT15A_915_120 - More regression tests


  • Continued attempts at regression testing. This time, the subreflector is not working, but everything else seems to be.


  • 6:45pm. Joe and Ray have the system set up so that Banks B and D are running new manager, new HPC software. The other six are running the new manager, old HPC software.
  • 6:50pm. X-band, mode 10 runRegressXTPTests. 2min on, 2 min off. Ran Balance(), but probably not balanced to ~ 1db, which corresponds to ~ 20% ?
  • Scans 1/2 OnOff, 2 min integration times. Gettp values vary from 6.2e09 to 3.4e09 (almost factor of two), but most are better than that.
  • Manually balance the system to within about +/- 0.25dB across both pols, and all banks
  • Scans 3/4 OnOff. Now agree within 3.6 - 4.6e09 LL, 3.7 - 4.4 RR - much better
  • Position-switched stats: rms over whole band is 0.39279 to 0.39384 - basically everything is looking good.
  • Scan 5 - astroRegress_lband_HI - not sure what this will tell us, since it is only running one bank.

  • 7:50pm - switch everything to "new, new". Run L and X main modes only, then switch to old, old.
  • 7:52pm runRegressLTPMainModes - OnOffs, five mins per scan. Starts at Scan 6 - 15
  • 8:48pm runRegressXTPMainModes - OnOffs, five mins per scan. Scans 16 - 25

  • 9:45pm - get Joe to switch everything back to the production version (16.3)
  • 10:05pm runRegressXTPMainModes - OnOffs, five mins per scan. Scans 26 - 36 (one abort)
  • Scan 37 - turret was at the wrong location.
  • 11:05pm runRegressLTPMainModes - OnOffs, five mins per scan. Starts at Scan 38 -
  • 11:15pm - leave running with Amanda

  • Something is wrong with mode 4! System temperatures are way too high, in both L and X band!

-- RichardPrestage - 2017-08-30

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