TGBT15A_915_110 - Continued "New Manager, new HPC" spectral line regression tests


  • Continue testing new spectral line modes


  • 10:30am - testing with Ray
  • 10:45am - start RunRegressLSP. Abort after mode 1 to shorten scan duration
  • Scan aborts with "Fault in BankNMgr if_bits" error
  • Astrid hangs, need to restart Grail.
  • 10:55am - restart. Immediate abort. Only two HPC programs are getting packets.
  • Submit again
  • Runs through mode 11, then all banks but A spontaneously get turned off. On next configure, they turn on again, SB keeps running through this.
  • Mode 23 - Astrid hangs after "the slewing to source" message, never gets to balancing. Kill turle and grail again.
  • 11:18 submit RunRegressLTP.
  • 11:25:05 - All Banks but A get turned off again.
  • 11:30 - Switch back to the release version

  • submit RunRegressLTP in old M&C version
  • Check modes 1-6 with no problems. Stop here.

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