TGBT15A_915_109 - Continued "New Manager, new HPC" spectral line regression tests


  • Continue testing new spectral line modes


  • 10:00 - 11:45am - Ray needs to do some recompiling, gets a new version finally ready to go
  • Run RunRegressLSP. Consistently completes Mode 1, But Mode 2 fails with "VEGAS HPC program taking too long to be ready"
  • Got scans 11, 13 in mode 1, nothing written for mode 2
  • 11:50am - Ray investigates.
  • 11:56am - now fails on Mode 1. Ray makes more changes
  • 12:07pm - try again. Mode 1 scan 16.
  • 12;12pm - try aborting at end of mode 6. Seems to work as released version, with no "hung in aborting messages"
  • 12:13pm - start and deliberate abort again. Again works correctly. The Managers went into activating, and took a while to clear out of that, because they were in the process of loading the Mode 2 BOF file.
  • Stop for lunch, and Steve testing, at this point.

  • 7:30pm - restart at scan 100
  • 7:30pm RunRegressLSP - 2 min scans. Bank B and C Data Monitor Screens are not updating, although VEGAS CLEO screen values are. Restart, and now working
  • Tsys now 22K
  • UT 23:36:57 - All eight banks abort, Bank D hung in aborting... Restart script
  • UT 23:42:04 - HPC program taking too long to get ready
  • UT 23:46:32 - Scan terminates early
  • UT 23:48:02 - Taking too long to be ready
  • 7:55pm - not getting anywhere, so just pack in.
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