TGBT15A_915_94 - Test performance of VEGAS without ADC calibration


  • Determine the impact of not applying OGP, INL, and MMCM calibration to VEGAS spectral line mode data. The goal is to quantify the impact so that we can fully Yunan observatory and other DIBAS customers of what DIBAS will be capable of.


Session begins at 09:40
  • Did a VEGAS system stop and edited vegas.conf to set 'load_mmcms = false' and 'load_ogps_inls = false'
  • Attempted to restart VEGAS but managers are not coming back online.
  • Joe Brandt had to fix things manually. Brought Bank A back online at 10:10.
  • Will use ADCStabilityTests scheduling block. This will take a 30 minute scan at X-Band with 10 second integration times.
    • SB submitted at 10:12
    • Scan is #1
    • Scan aborted. Telescope was in scan coordinator. Removing and resubmitting at 10:13
    • Scan is #2
    • No data in gbtidl. Restarted SDFits and restarting scan at 10:22
    • Scan is #3
    • Actually, I decided we can do this over lunch. Dave MacMahon is here and it would be more efficient to look into the issues with the X/Y delays plaguing the pulsar modes.
    • SB stoped at 10:29
  • Switching to pulsar branch at 10:30
  • Goal is to capture commands sent to roach during MMCM calibration and then to recreate, step by step, to see which is causing the X/Y delay
  • Will simply configure for a c1500x0512 mode. Don't need to take data.
  • Starting stability tests again at 12:35. Will do two 15 minute scans this time.
    • Accidentally set scans to be 15 hours. Oops. I killed the first one after 1780 seconds and will do the same. Scans are #4 and #5.


Data taken. Will analyze offline. -- RyanLynch - 2017-03-29
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