TGBT15A_915_92 (cont.) - Test Stokes U and V with new VEGAS bof file


  • Test behavior of Stokes U and V data with a new BOF file that uses registers in place of delay elements. Will also try to collect more ADC snap block data.


Session begins at 14:00
  • Switched VEGAS to pulsar branch
  • Will use 00-CoherentModeArtifactTesting in c0800x0512 mode (this is the mode the BOF file was built for).
  • Taking one scan with current BOF file (c0800x0512_fft_ovf_01_x14_7_2017_Feb_16_1132.bof) for comparison
    • SB submitted at 14:13
    • Scan is #8
    • SB ended at 14:14
    • Data look good except for phase wrapping, as expected
  • Switching to test BOF file (c0800x0512_x14_7_rtd_2017_Mar_22_1107.bof)
    • SB submitted at 14:24
    • Scan is #9
    • SB ended at 14:25
    • No obvious changes in U/V data
  • Trying to collect some adc snap blocks using Ray's script
    • Got 300 snaps * Switched to release mode at 15:19 * Taking verification scan
    • Using CheckMode1 scheduling block
    • SB submitted at 15:25
    • Scan is #1 (Rob reset scan coordinator in between)
    • SB finished at 15:26
    • Data look good
Session ended at 15:27


U/V wrapping still present in c0800x0512 with new BOF file.

-- RyanLynch - 2017-03-22
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