TGBT16B_510_01 - Mode 1,2,22 BTL branch testing


  • Test VEGAS spectral line modes with Breakthrough Listen software branch
    • Using scripts identical to those used for VPM regression testing (TGBT15A _915)
      • Mode 1 tested with L-Band, no motion
      • Modes 2 and 22 tested with X-Band, no motion
    • If time, will also test KFPA/RAMPS configuration and observe OH in G34.25+0.14


  • Session begins at 10:30
    • Ray switches to BTL release
    • Switch complete at approximately 11:05
  • First attempt to launch astrid results in python path error:
    File "/opt/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/wx/", line 10, in <module>
    import _stc
    ImportError: No module named _stc
    • Was able to fix by doing
      unset PYTHONPATH
      source /home/gbt/gbt.bash
      source /home/gbt/sparrow/sparrow.bash
    • This has never happened with Ryan's regular python environment. Unclear if this is due to version change.
  • Mode 1 tests begin at 11:12
    • Using CheckMode1 _rmp scheduling block
    • Performing 15 on/off pairs, 60 s each.
    • Scan number reverted to 49 after version switch. First scan is 49, last scan is 78
    • vegas_status launches but first reports the following bash error:
      /home/sandboxes/rcreager/VEGAS/vegas_devel/src/vegas_hpc/vegas_spec-hpc.bash: line 23: syntax error near unexpected token `<<<'
      /home/sandboxes/rcreager/VEGAS/vegas_devel/src/vegas_hpc/vegas_spec-hpc.bash: line 23: `<<<<<<< Updated upstream'
      • Apparently caused by git conflicts in vegas_spec.bash
      • Ray resolved conflicts and vegas_status launches without issue
    • not currently running. Unclear if this is due to version change or a power outage that occurred overnight.
      • This seems to have started updating again at some point. I was not watching it closely enough to note when.
    • Scheduling block finishes at 11:48
  • I realized that many of the mode 1 tests under TGBT15A _915 were done at X-Band. Will do all remaining tests at X-Band. Ray suggests checking one mode from each group, i.e. 1-3, 4-9, 10-19, and 20-29. Will check modes 1, 2, 22 (for comparison with previous regression tests) as well as 4 and 10. In interest of time, reducing number of on/off pairs to 5.
  • Operator switches to X-Band at 11:49
  • Mode 1 (X-Band) tests begin at 11:51
    • Using CheckMode1 _rmp scheduling block (modified for X-Band)
    • Performing 5 on/off pairs, 60 s each.
    • First scan is #79, last scan is #88
    • Scheduling block finishes at 12:03
  • Mode 2 tests begin at 12:03
    • Using CheckMode2 _rmp scheduling block
    • Performing 5 on/off pairs, 60 s each.
    • First scan is #89, last scan is #98
    • Scheduling block finishes at 12:15
  • Mode 4 tests begin at 12:16
    • Using CheckMode4 scheduling block
    • Performing 5 on/off pairs, 60 s each
    • First scan is #99, last scan is #108
    • Scheduling block finishes at 12:28
  • Mode 10 tests begin at 12:29
    • Using CheckMode10 scheduling block
    • Performing 5 on/off pairs, 60 s each
    • First scan is #109, last scan is #118
    • Scheduling block finishes at 12:41
  • Mode 22 tests begin at 12:44
    • Using CheckMode22 _rmp scheduling block
    • Performing 5 on/off pairs, 60 s each
    • First scan is #119, last scan is #128
    • Scheduling block finishes at 12:56
  • Switching to KFPA to test a RAMPS configuration and on/off scan.
  • KFPA test begins at 13:01
    • Using onoff_L11_test scheduling block
      • Configuration error: ERROR: The number of frequencies provided must be equal to or greater than the value of nwin; 10 < 64
      • nwin does not appear to be set in /home/astro-util/projects/16A353/ramps/ Using a ResetConfig to see if that helps.
      • ResetConfig seemed to clear the above error. Scheduling block continuing normally.
    • Peforming one on/off pair, 30 s duration
    • Scans #129/130
    • Scheduling block finishes at 13:09
  • Switching to L-Band for OH test scan
  • L-Band OH test begins at 13:13
    • Using 02 calib_OH_tracking scheduling block
      • Should be setting up for mode 15 on banks C, D, E, and F
      • Received an abort when trying to start scan. Seems to be at the slew stage but there are no messages from the Antenna.
      • Operator tried a manual move. No change.
      • VEGAS reports a few errors:
        • Vegas activate inhibited because of illegal value (this seems to be tied to the value of number_spectra, which is being set to 0)
        • Valon frequency 1500 MHz is not equal to that set (on banks A, C, D, E, and F)
      • For some reason number_spectra is being set to zero in the Coordinator, but number_spectra on bank Managers is correctly set to 1
      • Bank A has number_spectra = 0 but it is not configured for data taking by this script. Manually changing number_spectra back to 1 on bank A and skipping any further configuration seems to allow the scan to continue.
      • Scan finally begins at 13:41.
    • Performing one frequency switched scan, 300 s duration
    • Scan #131
    • Scheduling block finishes at 13:46
  • Ray wants to try putting the system in BTL mode and then switching back to VEGAS to see if there are any issues going back and forth.
  • Trying to run an L-Band script after Ray put the system in BTL mode
    • Using CheckMode1 _rmp scheduling block (modified for L-Band)
      • First attempt resulted in an abort due to conflict between length of deltafreq and restfreq.
      • Added a ResetConfig and VEGAS configured properly.
      • Scan aborted on first attempt due to 'VEGAS HPC program taking too long to be ready'
      • Ray attempted to manually conform params and prepare but second attempt had same timeout error (removed ResetConfig for this attempt).
      • This somehow resolved itself. Ray says possibly an NFS issue.
    • Performing one on/off pair, 60 s each
    • Scans finally begin at 14:06
    • Scan #134
    • Sequence aborted at 14:07 to try BTL/VEGAS switch again.
    • Submitted SB again at 14:07 to test mode switch.
    • Scan #135
    • Second attempt to switch from BTL to VEGAS seems to have worked without issue. Note that no ResetConfig was used this time.
    • Scan aborted at 14:09
  • Ray began switch to release branch at 14:10. Completed at 14:26.


A by-eye inspection shows no issues with data quality.
  • Outstanding issues:
    1. Astrid failed to launch under Ryan's default environment.
    2. 02 calib_OH_tracking resulted in number_spectra=0 bank A.
    3. VEGAS HPC program failed to start on first attempt to switch between BTL and VEGAS modes.
    • Note that it is not clear if issue 1 and 2 are related to BTL branch.

-- RyanLynch - 2017-01-18
Topic revision: r4 - 2017-01-20, RyanLynch
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