TGBT15A_915_69 - Mode 1,2,22 release branch testing


  • Check stability of released versions of modes 1,2,22


  • Plan to use X-band; it may not be in position right now, since they are swapping receivers
  • Turns out they also need LO and IF system for receiver checkout, may need to wait until they are done
  • Create script CheckMode1_rmp. Sets up for total power with cal, 6sec integrations, 1 min scans, OnOff
  • Scans 1-10 - quick check, not sure of receiver location.
  • Baselines look horrible, but assume that this is because they are working in the cabin. Wait until they are finished.
  • Scans 11-12: 10:45am - Amanda reports other work complete. Perform one test OnOff
  • Look better, although still a big spike of something at 9.35 GHz
  • Scans 13 - 72: One hour of OnOffs.
  • CheckMode2_rmp
  • Scans 73 - 132: One hour of OnOffs
  • Finish at 1:15pm
-- RichardPrestage - 2016-11-08
Topic revision: r3 - 2016-11-08, RichardPrestage
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