TGBT14A_912_130 - Test new analog IF modules in Banks C and D


  • what the title says


  • 1pm set up. Takes 40 mins to get right versions of software, etc
  • X-band in position, but they are working on the subreflector
  • Scan 4 vegas_test_xband_mode02_tp_local_30sint - 60 second scan
  • completes, but GBTIDL display looks confusing. Start a 10 minute scan
  • Scan 5 vegas_test_xband_mode02_tp_local_30sint - 10 min scan intended, but only runs for one minute
  • Scan 6 repeat - ten minutes
  • Problem may be that IF Manager thinks bank D only has signal as far as the input to the Analog IF module
  • Ray "reloads" cabling file, scan 7 and now it appears that all is ok.
  • have a weird, high frequency ripple in Banks E and G - where is this coming from?
  • type switching to mode 1.
  • scan 8 vegas_test_xband_mode01_tp_local_30sint - 60 sec scan - same problem.
  • scan 9 vegas_test_xband_mode01_tp_local_30sint - 60 sec scan - same problem.
  • Suddenly, IF power returns. Jonah was working on IF rack power supply!
  • Scan 10
  • IF balancing errors have now gone away. But, we still have the weird ripple in E and G.
  • Now they have finished....
  • Scan 11 - same. The ripple is only in pol 0, not in pol 1.... Galen thinks there is a cabling problem in the receiver?
  • Scan 12 Try bank_gain_mode1_cband_fast - problem is also there in C-band, so seems to be receiver independent.
  • Scan 13 vegas_test_xband_mode02_tp_local_30sint - 10 min scan
  • Cannot get Adam's scripts to process this; abandon at this point, and try to write a quick python procedure to do it.
  • in my home directory does this specifically for scan 13 - pol 0 of banks C and D match up as expect.
  • We can leave these modules in!
  • Leave Galen to try to diagnose the weird ripple problems in Banks E and G.

-- RichardPrestage - 2015-09-17
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