TPTCS14A_912_121 - test RRL Groups C-band script


execute C-band observing script from AGBT14B_431, and check C-band system temps


  • Copy script to RRL_w3_crrl_nopk
  • Scan 53 - configured wrong, and VEGAS is not producing VEGASDM data. Abort
  • Edit script to shorten integration times, etc.
  • Attempt to turn all banks off. Bank C terminates abnormally.
  • Turn all Managers back on. Restart VEGASDM - now ok.
  • RRL_w3_crrl_nopk
  • Appears to be using Banks C,D,E - how is this? (shouldn't D be off?)
  • Still doing 5 minute scans - abort again.
  • Bank E isn't balanced. - Attenuators are already at zero
  • IF Manager is complaining about IF path to VEGAS J9 and J10 (Bank E), which didn't balance.
  • Galen had left an incorrect cabling file in from analog IF module tests, now back to A,C,E and G as expected
  • Scan 59/60 done with A,C,E,G, as expected.
  • But, IF Manager reports: 4972/84, 5544/1229, 6561/1250, 7397/1204 for sky/bandwidth. Bank A does not look correct.
  • Report this back to Melinda.
  • Finito

-- RichardPrestage - 2015-09-03

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