TVEGAS_45 - Bank to Bank tests with real hardware, simulated software


See VegasBankDiscrepancyProblem
  • Manager / Archivist snapblocks / total power values
  • Total power and spectrum ratios ADC / filtersnap / HPC spectra
  • Identical ratios for varying input power.


  • 9:00am. Set up with real hardware, but software running from simulator, and noise source input
  • Need VEGAS switching signal selector to be looped back to itself!
  • running dbFS version of the Manager. For input of -20dBFS, and lbw_gain of 2**27, filtersnap reads -14dB
  • Can't find Ray, and can't resolve questions of what the Manager is doing. Pack in again.

-- RichardPrestage - 2015-03-12
Topic revision: r2 - 2015-03-12, RichardPrestage
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