TGBT14A_912_78 - Continued bank discrepancy problems


  • Run Glenn's cal switching driven external to VEGAS test


  • Start at 11:00am
  • Edit vegas.conf to up sampler rate to 50ms (20 Hz).
  • Turn Managers off and on, and switch modes, to ensure samplers are updated.
  • Managers start crashing, and VEGAS CLEO display dies. Maybe sample rate is too high?
  • Vegasdm doesn't update any faster, but CLEO VEGAS screen is updating power values ar around 20Hz now.
  • bank_gain_mode1_cband_nocal
  • balance - looks good. Both pols behaving.
  • Scan 1 - 60 sec test scan. Archivist file has 741 rows, = ~ 12Hz. I guess that is the fastest it can keep up with?
  • Try setting tint/swper to 0.5 secs, and DCR switching period to be 4 secs
  • bank_gain_mode1_cband_nocal_fast
  • Add DCR to scan coordinator
  • Scan 2 - 60 sec scan - switching signal master has switched back to VEGAS
  • Scan 3 aborts due to DCR unexpected sig/ref state... what have I not configured correctly?
  • VEGAS still thinks it is the switching signal master - does this matter?
  • Set VEGAS switching signal master to be DCR, but switching source remains "internal" for each Manager
  • DCR aborts again...
  • try running this the other way around. Configure for DCR, but include VEGAS into scan later?
  • try removing VEGAS from scan coordinator
  • same problem - try a DCR "conform parameters" - same problem.
  • Configure back to VEGAS in charge...
  • VEGAS (Bank A) is now controlling noise diode.
  • CLEO device explorer is now hung up... use "more info" from VEGAS CLEO screen.
  • I cannot figure this out. Configure for tp_nocal, 0.5 sec integrations, samplers running at ~ 12.5Hz.
  • Run a 1 min scan with no noise switching, but toggle the noise diodes off and on manually.
  • Scan 7, noise diode manually toggling
  • vegasdm was not updating, also rcvr screen diode display did not update...
  • no sign that anything was happening
  • try again - don't seem to be able to change noise diode values while scan is running
  • Give up with this, and set everything back to normal (including vegas.conf)
  • finish at 12:00

-- RichardPrestage - 2015-03-05
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