TGBT14A_912_65 - Continued Bank to Bank Discrepancy Investigations

Experimental Setup

Jeremy Darling tests

  • Start at 9:00am
  • Jason has hooked up the noise source to E,F,G,H again
  • Ray is modifying Manager so that filtersnap_nogain gets captured properly.
  • Run tests through Astrid so we can get everything configured correctly.
  • Have to use L-band receiver, since they are doing a PF feed change.
  • Ray fixes Manager, but still needs to fix up the effects of the bit pattern, so start with Jeremy Darlings script
  • Copy to jdarling_K3_twowin. Configures ok. Steve explains how wideband mode works.
  • Run jdarling_K3_twowin, scans 1 & 2
  • Try switching to SubBeamNod:
  • Validates ok, but get error:
[15:05:56] <type 'exceptions.ValueError'> need more than 1 value to unpack
  • Move On from this, to noise source tests

Noise Source Tests

  • Run Archivist
  • Mode 4: Run bank_gain_mode_4kfpa - configures banks E,F,G,H
  • Run checkLinearityBalance - just one scan
  • Scan 3 - noise source at 0dB
  • Discover that filtersnap_nogain sampler is not working properly - Ray fixes this.
  • Stop for now.

-- RichardPrestage - 2015-01-28

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