TGBT14A_912_64 - continue bank discrepancy problems

  • Start at 11:00am
  • Write a procedure Archivist to configure the archivist correctly.
  • Need to set up for KFPA, since the are working on the MUSTANG rotator
  • Can only use four banks; config_tool seems to chose E,F,G,H
  • Has configured with some blanking for some reason, but otherwise, all looks correct. Has balance ok.
  • Switch to mode 4 - still seems to have configured correctly.
  • now use Balance target levels and Balance() to iterate through input levels, allowing config_tool to choose values of lbw_gain.
  • run bank_gain_mode4_kfpa
  • run checkLinearityBalance
  • first scan (at target -36dB) is scan 8
  • last scan (at target -14dB) is scan 18. Go to -10dB Takes around 20 minutes
  • What happened to scan 19?
  • configure for mode 7.
  • run checkLinearityBalance - failed with some VEGAS errors; try again
  • Same again; turn manager off and on again; still errors; Xdisplays hang up for a few minutes...
  • Finally get started on mode 7; scan 23 <=== forgot to change mode number....
  • for the higher input level, e.g. -10dB, the filtersnap measpwr has gone up, but the histograms still look lousy check this_
  • running out of time, so concentrate more on the high end of the target range,
  • 37, VEGAS mode 9, initial target -30dB
  • looks like they may be extending the boom???? Scan 38 screwed up. Next one might be ok. No, they are moving telescope in elevation...
  • input power is changing by about 2dB during a scan; maybe need to use a subset of the data.
  • Scan 49 has target level -6dB
  • Switch to mode 11 - note they are now slewing the telescope back to access. But I can't wait for them to finish...
  • Green channel (pol 1) is much less sensitive to slewing than red channel (pol 2)
  • run checkLinearityBalance again: mode 11, scan 50 to start at -30dB
  • mode 24 - Bank G gets stuck in activating, recovers on next attempt, then fails again. Restart.
  • mode 24, scan 62, target - 30dB
  • Finish at 4:10pm
  • Finito!

-- RichardPrestage - 2015-01-23

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