TGBT14A_912_47 - back to back VEGAS / Spectrometer tests


  • Run Jim Braatz KFPA observing scripts with Spectrometer and VEGAS


  • Start at 12:20pm.
  • Copy AGBT14B_342 eso558_acs and eso558_vegas to TGBT14A_912
  • Run them back to back
  • Configure for Ka-band. Get the error:

[17:14:29] Warning: Configuration complete but inconsistencies were found between the M&C system and the configuration tool. Verify the configuration 
[17:14:29] (manager,    parameter,   expected value,  actual value )
[17:14:29] ('LO1', 'S10', '2', '1')
But I can't see any errors, and the state of S10 seems ok... So proceed

  • 12:30 Run eso558_acs - one nod only; then switch to Melinda's observing.

  • 1:30pm - come back in, still with Melinda's OOF changes in place.
  • Scan 10/11 Nod (still has the NCHAN problem
  • Astrid simply stops after three scans - turtle is hung up

-- RichardPrestage - 2014-11-25
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