VEGAS Testing 05 March 2014


  • continue ripple tests.
    • Put noise source in different locations to test what's going on.
    • before ADC, before analog, before convert module.
  • Do comparison spectrum with Spectrometer and Q-band


  • TGBT13B_502_39


  • Scan 1: RippleQbandmode1 -- running with noise signal before ADC. more signal? Jason is tweaking the attenutation levels. The adcpw1 in Bank A has some strange shoulders. Looks kind of like the Empire state building. Shoulders did not change when inputs were swapped. Bank F is having trouble balanacing. Can balance manually. Copied error message to send to Melinda.
  • Scan 2: RippleQbandmode1 -- running with noise signal before ADC. got more signal. Bank F managed okay, but looks like one of the inputs are dropped out. Accessor problem during scan. Consulted with Joe Brandt. IFManager failing to come out of running at end of scan.
  • Switched inputs and seeing if the bank F problems switch inputs. The bank F dropouts switched, implying that the problems is higher in the IF chain
  • Scan 3: RippleQbandmode1 -- running with noise signal before ADC. running again in case accessor changes caused problems.
  • Scan 4: RippleQbandmode2 -- running with noise signal before ADC.
  • Scan 5: RippleQbandmode3 -- running with noise signal before ADC.
  • Waiting for Jason Ray to change the noise signal input.
  • Scan 6: RippleQbandmode1 -- aborted. I thought we were running with noise signal after Galen's IF module, but Jason just moved it down to the lower racks before the A/D converter. Jason is going to move the inputs to the right place and we're going to re-run.
  • Scan 7-8: RippleQbandmode1 -- aborted. fiddling with attenuation.
  • Scan 9: RippleQbandmode1 -- run for real
  • Scan 10: RippleQbandmode2 -- run for real
  • forgot to run mode 3

-- AmandaKepley - 2014-03-05

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