Shared Risk Tests 3 March 2014


On-sky tests of the KFPA (8 beams, 8 spectrometers). I'm going to try pointed observations and if I have time maps.



Lots of snow earlier in the day. Dish has snow in it. Sensitivity may be reduced.

1.5 hour slot beginning at 8:00 p.m.


  • Scan 1-4: Mar03KFPAMode20OnOff7+1Beams8Spwsall. Started earlier, but needed to switch to not use Bank H because Hong is testing it. Starting with point and focus to see if there's any signal.
  • First pointing scan looks great.
  • Forgot to do focus scan.
  • Scan 5: failed on first "real" scan becuase "VEGAS HPC program taking too long to be ready"
  • Scan 6-10: Mar03KFPAMode20OnOff7+1Beams8Spwsall. Redid pointing and focus.
  • Scan 11: again failed on first "real" scan because "VEGAS HPC program taking too long to be read"
  • Restarted managers
  • Ran Mar03KFPAMode20OnOff7+1Beams8Spwsall again without the pointing and focus can.
  • Scan 12-13. Mar03KFPAMode20OnOff7+1Beams8Spwsall with source in beam 1.
  • Scan 14- 18. Mar03KPFAMode20OnOff7+1Beams8SpwsallMap. Ran to give me some time to look at the data. Bank F looks to be misbehaving. One pol balanced at -7, the other pol balanced at -30.
  • Clearly saw ammonia in earlier OnOff. Going deeper
  • Scan 19 - 40 . Mar03KFPAMode20OnOff7+1Beams8Spwsall with source in beam 1. Trying to build up signal in other windows.
  • Booted off at 02:18 because astrid said I didn't have permission to operate telescope
  • Scan 41- 48. Resubmitted script to run until I'm done.
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