• continue ripple tests.
  • mode 3 after Galen's IF module
  • Do comparison spectrum with Spectrometer and Q-band


  • TGBT13B_502_46


  • Scan 66: RippleQbandMode3 -- input after Galen's IF module (but before convert module).
  • input is before converter module
  • Scan 67: RippleQbandMode1 -- no good. need to change attenutation levels.
  • Scan 68: RippleQbandMode1 -- no good. Still fiddling with attenutation levels.
  • Scan 69: RippleQbandMode1 -- changed LO freq to 11300 from 15000 because noise source has a bandpass of 800-1400 MHz. Also needed to manually change the convert rack attenuation. Saved cleo config to file to check.
    • CM1 = 2 dB
    • CM5 = 8 dB
    • CM2 = 9 dB
    • CM6 = 7 dB
  • Scan 70: RippleQbandMode2 -- paused and got config before running scan.
  • Scan 71: RippleQbandMode3 -- paused and got config before running scan.
  • Disconnected cables and handed system over to Melinda for a while.
  • Scan 74: nchan_test -- trying to see if nchans is now right. VEGAS wouldn't stop, so aborted and will try again.
  • no scan 75?
  • Scan 76: nchan_test -- trying to see if nchans is now right
  • Scan 77: ifnum_test -- ran.
  • Realized I need to run multiple versions of ifnum_test to see if the problem still exists.
  • Scan 78-82: ifnum_test -- modified version of ifnum_test to take 5 in a row, then I can see if the pattern repeats.
  • needed to restart turtle
  • Scan 83-83: KFPAMode20OnOff1Beams1Spws -- checking that not getting VEGAS bank A manager error. seems to be okay.
  • Scan 85: RippleQbandSpect -- ripple test with the Spectrometer (whole receiver path)


  • According to Melinda, change projects to make astrid forget everything. She doesn't remember if you need to do something in the other project.
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