18 June 2014 - testing some FLAG VEGAS scripts


  • try running an L-band script which will do a hexagonal pattern with VEGAS to simulate beamformer data
  • project directory 68


  • Start at 6pm
  • Run hexagonConfig - configures everything correctly.
  • Bank A has the MMCM problem - turn the manager off and on again fixes this.
  • 6:15pm run hexagon
  • Fails
    [22:20:10] Traceback (most recent call last):
    [22:20:10]   File "/home/sparrow/13.4/lib/python/gbt/turtle/ygor/Telescope.py", line 442, in WriteAnnotations
    [22:20:10]   File "/home/sparrow/13.4/lib/python/gbt/turtle/ygor/MetaWriter.py", line 345, in AddConfigurationAnnotations
        raise Exception("Illegal configuration combination: swmode = %s and swtype = %s" % (swmode, swtype))
    [22:20:10] Exception: Illegal configuration combination: swmode = tpNocal and swtype = none
  • swmode should be tp_nocal - why did it validate?
  • 6:24:35pm - start again. Starts with scan 2
  • 7:35:26pm - finishes
  • All Done
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