TGBT14A_912_04. Repeat AGBT14A_316 observations


  • Copy rrlpos1 from AGBT14A_316 to 14A316Test in TGBT14A_912
  • remove Antenna from Scan Coordinator, need to remove Active Surface also
  • Scan 1 - quick test scan
  • Scan 2 - switch IF rack J20 to be noise source, start the one hour observation
  • IF Manager must have updated; need to switch IF rack after scan starts - abort and start over
  • online filler isn't running
  • Scan 9 - flip IFRack J20 after observation begins - not sure this has done anything. VEGASDM power doesn't seem to change.
  • Changing IF attenuation in IF rack does not change levels as much as I would expect. Carry on with Steve in the morning.
  • 10th July - continuing on.
  • Scan 11 - quick test scan - still no joy
  • Look at this with Steve - noise source was "off" and in narrow-band mode. Fix this. Now it works.
  • Scan 12 - 15 test scans
  • Scan 16 switch one polarization (first) to IF noise source while IF Rack is in activating
  • stop at this point

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