DIBAS tests - 31 Jan 2014


  • Test DIBAS M&C Manager with real IF system


  • start at 7:00am
  • Take data into TGBT13B_502_31
  • Joe and Ray set up the DIBAS system
  • Ray loads the player/dealer software
  • Ray loads cal on/cal off switching with 100ms phase time, 10ms (?) blanking
  • run DibasMode1OnOff - fails because VEGAS is not running. Joe tries loading the VEGAS Coordinator
  • Configuration seems to have worked, although checking the values that have been set fails.
  • Ray runs some scans. Initial one doesn't start bank B, but then runs ok
  • try with a test tone - 2014_01_31_12:56:24C.fits - seems to have saturated?
  • Mode 1: 2014_01_31_12:59:08C.fits (with a tone)
  • Mode 2: 2014_01_31_13:09:29C.fits (tone is now turned off)
  • Mode 3: 2014_01_31_13:13:29C.fits
  • Mode 4: 2014_01_31_13:16:57C.fits
  • Mode 5: 2014_01_31_13:20:24C.fits
  • Mode 6: 2014_01_31_13:22:16C.fits
  • Mode 7: 2014_01_31_13:25:59C.fits
  • Mode 8: 2014_01_31_13:29:22C.fits
  • Mode 9: 2014_01_31_13:40:57C.fits
  • Mode 10: 2014_01_31_13:44:32C.fits - integration time was too short
  • Mode 10: 2014_01_31_13:48:58C.fits - gain was too low? (this is an L8 mode). Ray and Joe debate parameter settings
  • Melinda shows us /home/gbt/etc/log/config/ (which has all configurations ever run)
  • Ray sets sub_frequencies
  • Mode 10: Run with no cal switching - bank C looks bad... (not sure which file) - Wolfgang was messing with lustre file system
  • Mode 10: No switching 2014_01_31_15:02:44A,B,C.fits. - all look like junk
  • Mode 20: No switching 2014_01_31_15:15:04A.fits - looks like junk
  • Ray and Joe diagnose what is going on.....

  • 1:20pm test out latest config_tool with Melinda
  • everything becomes very confusing, but we test config_tool and VEGAS with 7 beams and eight subbands
  • 2:15pm finish
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