VEGAS tests 15 January 2014


  • Main goal: test mode 20-29 with KFPA and all eight banks
  • If have time, try to take the two polarization of the X-band receiver and route to all eight banks of VEGAS in modes 2 and 3 to see how well different banks agree. Also check how flat the results look


  • created KFPA script mode 20 script
  • ran, but failed to produce IF file
  • Melinda is investigating
  • Trying with simple configuration with spectrometer to see what works.
  • also beam="all" doesn't validate, but beam = "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,-1" does.
  • fixed problem with frequencies (Amanda's fault) and problem with Accessor (GBT's fault)
  • was able to run KFPA+VEGAS but the number of feeds and number of spectra windows wasn't right
  • Melinda has a fix, but it needs to be tested. We're delaying things until after that test.

Data Location


-- AmandaKepley - 2014-01-15
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