2014 February 27 - VEGAS Training / Testing

  • Session 36


  • Train Kevin Gum, Greg Monk, Rob ?
  • Test Melinda's change to always configure switching signals in Bank A.



  • just ran a few test scans

Melinda's testing

  • leave a bandwidth at 1250.0 Causes an error message, but not all bandwidths are listed. Melinda fixes this.
  • create an SB QbandSwitchTest, run this. Melinda messes with Bank A switching setup before we try this.
  • Scan 9 - QbandSwitchTest - 600 secs. Seems to set up properly, but generates a "fault in BankAMgr acc_len" Abort the (10 minute) scan
  • Scan 10 - QbandSwitchTestMode1 - 30secs. No errors seem to be generated.
  • Scan 11 - no error. Was this a one-off? - Melinda tries changing the mode to be Mode 20 - error reoccurs. It seems to be an error switching into and out of mode 1.
  • Scan 12, 13 further tests
  • This seems to be a problem that Melinda will need to work on
  • Scan 14 QbandSwitchTest - 5 min integration
  • Scan 15 - QbandSwitchTest - but Melinda messes with Bank A phase table to make it incorrect. FITS file looks the same? (it shouldn't)
  • Melinda removes her mods

Errors encountered

  • started vegasdm. Got the error message:

panelAccess for VEGAS.BankAMgr
RPCclient::rexec:Connection not yet established, Call not made

Then just hung.

Means the Managers are not running. Ask a member of the Software Group to restart them
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