2014 February 25


  • Try KFPA setup in multi-window mode with less than eight windows. Also try broadband mode.
  • Try running two spectrometers in two different modes simultaneously
  • Try Allen Variance test (if have time).


  • TGBT13B_502_35


  • KFPAMode20OnOff1Beams1Spws -- Trying with mode 20 but only in one beam. Failed with host of error messages. Turned managers off then on. Didn't help. Went and got Ray. Ray checked VEGAS and it looks like it was turned off, possibly because of the power failure over the weekend. Then there were some problems with the IFManager and the cabling file. Lots of scans to figure things out.
  • Scan 11-12 -- KFPAMode20OnOff1Beams8Spws -- trying with beam 2 so routes to Bank A. worked as anticipated. 8 windows with correct frequencies. GBTIDL seems to be ordering them by frequency.
  • Scan 13-14 -- KFPAMode20OnOff1Beams1Spws -- trying with beam 2 so routes to Bank A. worked as anticipated. 1 spectral window with correct frequency.
  • Scan 15-16 -- KFPAMode10OnOff2Beams4Spws -- trying with max number of spectrometers to each beam.
  • Scan 17-18 -- KFPAMode20OnOff1Beams8SpwsBroadband -- trying with broadband mode to route 8 spws to all eight beams.
  • KFPAMode20OnOff7+1Beams8Spwsall -- configuration validated but failed to run when executed.
  • Scan 19-20 -- KFPAMode10OnOff1Beams4SpwsMixedModes -- configuration validated. ran. looks okay in GBTIDL. Has right bandwidths. Integration time for both bandwidths is slightly different, but GBTIDL appears to take this into account. However, Bank A (switching master) wasn't running.
  • Scan 21 -- KFPAMode10OnOff1Beams4SpwsMixedModes -- Trying to get Bank A by switching to different beams. However, b1 and B2 are only viable. B3 gives a message about only able to use B1 and B2 in Broadband mode. However, I haven't selected broadband mode. I should be routing 4 spectrometers to two beams, which is totally legal. Wait, though, I have vegas.subband not set, I may want to set it to 1 and see what happens. Set vegas.subband =1 and fixed bandwidths (11.72 is the valid bandwidth for modes 14-19) and is running.
  • Scan 22-23 -- KFPAMode10OnOff1Beams4SpwsMixedModes -- Again banks E-H are running, not bank A.
  • Scan 24-25 -- KFPAMode10Mode1OnOff1Beams4Spws -- Trying to mix the two types of modes (FPGA and GPU).
  • Scan 26-27 -- KFPAMode20OnOff7+1Beams8Spwsall -- found Melinda and she saw the error right away. I had set broadband=1 earlier and then the routing was all weird. I set broadband=0 and everything routed fine.
  • Scan 28-29 -- KFPAMode10OnOff1Beams4SpwsMixedModes -- set broadband=0 and can now route beams to banks A-D. getting data in all four ifnums.
  • Scan 30 -31 -- KFPAMode10Mode1OnOff1Beams4Spws -- trying again to make sure that Bank A goes into running. Setting broadband=0 allowed it to route to Bank A-D. I looked at the data and the mode1 data is blanked the mode10 is okay.
  • Scan 32-33 -- KFPAMode20OnOff1Beams4SpwsMixedModes -- trying to see if can mix spectrometers with modes 20-29 together. Looks like I can if they are all sub-band =8. Mixing sub-band=8 and sub-band=1 together doesn't seem to work.
  • Scan 34-35 -- KFPAMode20OnOff1Beams4SpwsMixedModes -- trying to see if I can get the mode mixing for 10-29 working if I specify banks. I've combined a super-high resolution single window configuration with a wider multi-bank configuration. All of them come through, but the single band configuration looks weird in GBTIDL. It also looks like GBTIDL doesn't know that it should have more channels in the high resolution version (although it does seem to have the channel spacing right).
  • Scan 36-- LbandAllenVarianceTest -- trying to see if a clean portion of the band integrates down. This first one is just to see if I've got the setup right.
  • Scan 37 -- LbandAllenVarianceTest -- five minutes integration.
  • Scan 38 -- LbandAllenVarianceTest -- 10minutes integration.


  • KFPA appears to be working okay with less than eight spectral windows. Broad band mode also appears to be working. Ready for on-sky tests. Email Toney about.
  • combining modes 10-14 through 15-19 seems to work okay, although hasn't been tested extensively.
  • combining modes 10-19 with 20-29 may cause problems. Ditto with combining modes 1-3 with anything else.

-- AmandaKepley - 2014-02-25

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