VEGAS Testing 11 Feb 2014


  • Make sure that all seven beams of the KFPA work with VEGAS DONE.
  • Try different combinations of beams and frequencies DONE
  • What's the maximum number of spectral windows per beam? tested this with config tool and it's 4.
  • If I have less than eight spectral windows, how many does sdfits see -- STILL NEED TO CHECK.
  • Picture for announcement -- STILL NEED TO CHECK.



  • Scan 1-6: KFPAMode20OnOff1Beams1Spws. W3 plus point. realized I forgot focus.
  • Needed to fill scans by hand using sdfits fits. Using sdfits files produced by online filler gave error "Unexpected number of spectra retrieved for some of all of the switching phases, can not continue" in gbtidl.
  • Off position had emission in it.
  • Scan 7-13: KFPAMode20OnOff1Beams1Spws. W3 plus point AND FOCUS.
  • Scan 14 -15 : KFPAMode20OnOff1Beams8Spws. W3. made off 30 arcmin instead of 15 arcmin. didn't seen any ammonia.
  • Scan 16: KFPAMode20OnOff7 +1Beams8Spwsall. W3. made off 60arcmin.
  • Aborted so Joe could install his updates.
  • Scan 17-18: KFPAMode20OnOff7 +1Beams8Spwsall. W3. made off 60arcmin.
  • Scan 19-20: KFPAMode20OnOff7 +1Beams8Spwsall. W3. off = 60arcmin. Not seeing ammonia so buying time to get new source position.
  • Scan 21-22: KFPAMode20OnOff7 +1Beams8Spwsall. W3_NH3. off=30min. Trying new position to see if I see more ammonia emission.
  • Scan 23-36: KFPAMode20OnOff7 +1Beams8Spwsall. W3_NH3.
  • Not seeing ammonia lines. Moving to X-band to double-check with RRLs.
  • Scan 37-44 : AASRRLXbandmode25OnOff: W3. known position. Same script as we used for AAS data.
  • Scan 45-46 : AASRRLXbandonebank: W3. known position. just using 23.44 BW with one frequency to see if things look okay. line upside-down??
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