VEGAS Testing 2014 August 26


  • Test the new mode 2/3 BOFs (h16k_ver112e_1500_64.bof and h16k_ver112e_1080_2014_Aug_21_1618.bof)
  • Look for spikes within mode 2/3 data, and look for their prevalence in other modes (to see if it is an postIF issue)
  • See if the "High Tsys in first integration" problem has been resolved


  • Jason wired a noise source into the top of the rack, putting into the VEGAS IF system
  • Had VEGAS read the new BOF files
  • Created Mode2BankABankB
  • VEGAS fault, it did not like the BOF file for bank A, though it was also being used in Bank B (Bank B appeared to load acceptably)
    • restarting VEGAS did not solve it.
  • TGBT14A_912_21 - Scan 1: ifnum=0 is the noise source ifnum=1 is the standard IF system.
    • BOF files still FUBAR.
  • Scan 2: Noise source is out of the bandwidth
  • Many small spikes noted
  • Scan 3: for off-off
  • Scan 4 and 5: 600s scans in mode 3

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